2017 In Review

I noticed a lot of reflection going on and thought what the heck, I might as well join in. 2017 has been a heck of a year for me, that's for sure. It started out with me being unemployed, spending the new year for the first time ever away from home (I was in Nova... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Asrian Skies by Anne Wheeler

Genre: Science Fiction Pages: 302 Rating: 5/5 stars Summary: Just before Avery is set to become a Commonwealth fighter pilot, political unrest pulls her back to Asria. With the Haederan Empire waging war from the skies and her personal life in shambles, she hardly has time to consider what she should do. But when fate forces her... Continue Reading →

Daring to Plot – Update

So, I know I wanted to update you guys more regularly about it, but alas I got busy and didn't. But I bet you're all dying to know how my adventure in plotting went. Well, I got pretty mixed results. So I ended up trying a few different things: outlining the general scene (making a... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Wicked Soul Ascension by C.B. Dixon

Series: The Ascension Trilogy (#1) Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Paranormal Pages: 350 Publisher: Hidden Words Publishing Year: 2016 Rating: 4/5 stars  Summary: Blaze is getting ready to graduate high school when her world is turned upside down. All her life she has been told that the things that haunt her nightmares are only myths, but as she's sucked into... Continue Reading →

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