Erut’s Choice

After she is trapped 600 years in the past, Kalina, a 16-year-old human finds that the true history of Litan is far flung from that taught in school. In a time where tensions are high between Nomed and human groups, there are few people Kalina can trust, especially as a time-traveller with a propensity for trouble. But getting back across the veil to her own time is easier said than done and she’ll certainly need help.

After she strikes a deal with half-nomed Taylo, she learns a greater secret, one that makes her question her place in the world. Sometime in her near future, she’s going to interact with her own past to make sure she ends up trapped in the past. With an unclear association with the god of time – Erut, a future-self set on manipulating her and an incoming meeting with an immortal beast who can read a person’s soul, Kalina must decide who she wants to be, and if returning to the future is truly what she is meant to do.

Lunar Eclipse (working title)

With the emergence of hybrid Nomeds, Tegudan is torn asunder as sides are taken. Some believe that the hybrids are not of the Ilapodan and are threatening the tenuous peace that has fallen over the land. With this justification, they set out to slaughter all those who are born of mixed marriages. Others believe that to wantonly kill these peoples is to go against the words of Legata and demand a proper discussion occur.

A disgraced delegate, a mixed-race dancer, a traitorous prince and a student who can read the words of the Gods all find themselves trapped in a struggle for the future of Tegudan and must decide what they’re willing to sacrifice for the greater good.





This first adventure in Litan centers around Sean Diablo, the young Prince of Litan and Sarah Hensbro, the time-travelling Princess of Sencrad as they struggle to do what’s right for their people while fighting against Marcelo, a man determined to change the past to benefit himself.
(Not Currently Available for Purchase)

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