Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, I’ve been making up stories since before I could read -so think some twenty odd years.

My previous book, Sean Diablo, was published in 2010. I started writing it when I was about 13 and finished it in my final year of high school. It marked a great era of learning for me, especially about the publishing industry and sealed my passion for writing – I wanted more.

Sadly (Or happily?) I spent the next five years getting my degree in Archaeology and I’ll be honest, neglected my writing during this period. Once I graduated and was out working in the real world (as a liquor store clerk, of course) I found that I had plenty of time for writing, and I took great advantage of it. Once again I was writing on a daily basis and soon I had finished a story that I had started as a teenager.

Currently, I am working on editing Erut’s Choice and writing the sequel to it.

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