Book Review: Wicked Soul Ascension by C.B. Dixon

Series: The Ascension Trilogy (#1) Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Paranormal Pages: 350 Publisher: Hidden Words Publishing Year: 2016 Rating: 4/5 stars  Summary: Blaze is getting ready to graduate high school when her world is turned upside down. All her life she has been told that the things that haunt her nightmares are only myths, but as she's sucked into... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Water by Emory Gayle

Series: Water (#1) Genre: YA, Fantasy, Romance Pages: 402 Year: 2016 Rating: 3/5 stars Summary: Cora is terrified of water after a terrible accident with her twin sister. When she ends up working at a summer camp, she's faced with the upheaval of her entire world as she finds out her own mysterious origins and meets handsome swim instructor... Continue Reading →

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