Writing Wednesday: Characters

Characters are the life-blood of any good story. They're what brings it to life. And it seems every author has a different way to create their characters. Good characters have a few things in common:

Book Review of the Week: The Girl with Ghost Eyes by M.H. Boroson

A cross between paranormal fantasy and historic fiction, this thrilling book tells us the story of Xian Li-lin, a young widow with Yin eyes - she can see the spirit world. As she navigates San Francisco's China Town at the end of the 19th Century, she faces not only the spirit world but the struggle of being a woman in the male-dominated culture that's torn between the old and new. Filled with thrilling martial arts, rich folklore, and a richly imagined world, this is a book unlike any other.

Writing Wednesday: World-Building

World-Building 101 Simply put, world building is the creation of an imaginary world. It's an essential part of any work of fiction and especially important in Fantasy and Science Fiction writing. Those who know me know that I love world building. In fact if you were to ask me for a straight up history of... Continue Reading →

Book Review of the Week: The Waking Fire by Anthony Ryan

Taking place in a new and flavorful world that seems to hinge on the blood of drakes, this epic follows three main characters. Clay, an out of luck criminal - and unregistered blood-blessed - as he seeks for a mythical fifth type of drake. Lizanne, an agent of the Ironclad Trading Syndicate who ends up in the midst of a war between empires while she's on a mission of espionage and Hilemore, a second-in-command of a blood-burning ship in trouble. As the story weaves its way through ancient mysteries, blood imbued with strange powers and more secrets than one can count, it becomes all too clear that more is at stake than any of them could count on.

Writing Wednesday: Writer’s Block

I'm blocked. Horribly and irrevocably blocked. In the past hour I checked Facebook close to a million times, texted several friends (no response, good friends for knowing when I'm procrastinating) and started watching TV. And my weekend numbers for words are dismal. It's something everyone goes through. Some days I can write close to 5,000... Continue Reading →

Book Review of the Week: The Sentinel Mage by Emily Gee

The Sentinel Mage is the first book of the Cursed Kingdom Trilogy and follows a fairly simple plot. The Seven Kingdoms are cursed and Prince Harkeld is the only one who can save them. From a land that fears and begrudges magic, he is shocked to discover that he has mage ancestors and that it is this special lineage that will allow him to save the Seven Kingdoms. In order to protect him and earn his trust, Innis, a gifted shape-shifter, must break the law: she must use her magic to become a man. As they cross the desert to break the first part of the curse they must fight supernatural forces and assassins that are after the Prince.

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